Why Chouxbox?

CFO / Controller

  • Increase control + Accountability

  • Reduce labor cost

  • Every payable at your fingertips in hours

  • Eliminate fraud

This is amazing, I haven't had to talk to our chefs in months.Jane Dough, CFO

Accounting Firms

  • Eliminate invoice data entry and provide superior service

  • Manage high volumes of transactions from a centralized location

  • Close your books faster than ever before

My AP is ready to export before my morning coffee is even finished brewing!Seymore Profetz, Owner of Bada Bing


  • Scan and send 'em, we do the rest

  • No more 9AM phone calls from accounting

  • Ingredient Level Intelligence

I love ChouxBox because there is never going to be a James Beard Award for 'Best Spreadsheet'Primo Daugna, Chef

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